Our Founder

Everything in at Platinum has a purpose; every toy, every game, every activity and every action. 

Every, single, thing. And those of you that know Joanna O’Brien, but let’s call her Jo, will totally understand that.


A mother to four beautiful children, Olivia, Ruby, Henry & Gigi, Jo has over 20 years’ experience in the filed of Education. Attaining a Bachelor of Teaching in Primary Education, Bachelor of Education was just the start of he career. 


Jo then added a Diploma of Children’s Services, along with numerous online and face to face courses to enrich her career and knowledge in the field of Education, Child Deveolpment and Business Development / Relations. 

As the years passed watching her children grow and seeing the need for an different type of an Early Educational Experience, Platinum evolved.  Jo opened her own preschool with the help of her mum Helen and her darling father Valentine.


Jo lives locally and is very active in supporting her local community and assisting local charities. Jo is a massive support of not only education, inclusion but also of small business. Being a business owner herself she has managed to keep up with current trends and philosophies that suit and relate to community needs, childhood developmental and the need for parental support.

Jo is committed to being a part of, and contributing to, her community and holds a very strong belief that it truly does take a village to raise a child. 

We are all in this together and whether that be to support a fellow friend, mum, father, business owner or child, we need to stick together and set an example to our children that leaves a legacy of empathy, acceptance, and inclusion.