Our Philosophy


The philosophy of Platinum Pre School

is centred on the motto  


This is the umbrella to all the values we teach, led by and follow here at Platinum.

It is the maxim that motivates and informs our educational practices and centre operations

Be Kind Education (ELYF)

Platinum Pre School is a long day care and preschool which offers high quality care and education to the families in our community. The Early Years Learning Framework provides a structure for educational professionals to address all aspects of the child’s learning; physical, cognitive, emotional, social, creative, language and spiritual being. 


Educators utilize the EYLF to guide their practice as they provide experiences for children through play-based learning, hands-on experiences, modelling and intentional teaching. The ultimate goal is to help children acquire a life-long love for learning.

Be Kind with our Values

Education and care at Platinum preschool is centred on 24 Values. These are concepts that stem from the motto ‘Be Kind’. The Values include: empathy, doing your best, integrity, freedom, etc. Through the words they use, their actions, literature and expectations, educators model and teach these Values to the children and their families.

Be Kind to our Community

To ‘Be Kind’ to the Platinum Preschool community involves building and maintaining mutually respectful and strong relationships with our families. We recognise the importance of working collaboratively with our families and the wider community so we can achieve the individual goals for the children in our care.

Be Kind to Each Other (Inclusion)

Platinum Preschool is committed to be inclusive of all children and families. Each child is unique and has individual needs. Each family is different and needs to be supported. Each member of staff brings different talents and interests. Platinum Preschool embraces this diversity and seeks to celebrate it through our curriculum and practices.

Be Kind to Our World (SDG)

As a responsible business, Platinum Preschool is committed to the Sustainable Development Goals. These are 17 goals promoted by the United Nations as a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. Goals such as: a Quality Education for all children, Sustainable Cities & Communities, Good Health and Well-Being. Platinum Preschool focuses on different goals each year as we strive to be kind to our world.