“If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.”

Thomas A Edison ~

Ahhh life. It just races by, day after day, month after month and before we know it, year after year. We’re all so busy; busy working, parenting, shopping, cleaning, cooking and living that somehow, we find it hard to be good to ourselves. Nurturing begins from within, but when we are too caught up with all the other ‘ings’ nurturing ourselves falls behind. Far, far behind.


So how do we learn to do more for ourselves, be proud of who we are, to build each other up and be happy? Based on the Five Pillars of Health, ‘How to be the Best Me’ is an idea, a concept, a way in which we encourage everyone who comes to, works in or is involved with our centre to build positive mental health through their daily rituals, thoughts and actions.


By our definition, the Five Pillars of Health are:

1.   Rest & Relaxation

2.   Nutrition & Fitness

3.   Mindfulness & Meditation

4.   Gratitude & Kindness

5.   Connection


More than likely, we acknowledge one, some, or possibly all of these pillars in our daily life. But if we Stop.   Reflect.   And pause - each day to see if our actions are aligned with these pillars, it will help bring about the positive mindset we need to achieve the best within us.


Our greatness is already inside each and every one of us and being kind to ourselves daily, will allow us to unlock this from within and be comfortable within ourselves. But how do we begin?

Well, as we go about our daily lives there are many ways in which we can follow our program of Being the Best Me and incorporate these pillars and teach it to our children.


Start by making time for Rest & Relaxation in your life, and while you are at it, include the rest of the family in this too. Lazy Sunday afternoons, movie nights curled up on the couch or sleepy pyjama days where nobody is in a rush to leave the house are the best. A rested mind is a rested soul.


Good Nutrition starts at home and we continue this here by making healthy eating fun. Cook with the kids, teach them how to grow herbs, nurture this mindset. Yes, they all love to eat chips so teach them how to grow and peel a potato and make their own. A sense of pride and achievement comes from creating and it teaches our little ones that with small steps anything they want is possible.


A longing desire for maintaining Fitness enters the mind of all of us at some point in our lives. By starting tness in the early years, we provide the foundation for an active lifestyle that fosters habits in physical activity, in a positive and enjoyable part of our routine.


Meditation really is the best medicine for the mind. According to the Dalai Lama “Happiness is not something ready-made; it comes from your own actions.” If we settle and nourish the mind, then the rest will follow. From there we wake up inspired to go to work, return home ful lled and live happily

in the present moment without fear or anxiety. Practicing Mindfulness daily allows us to become more absorbed in our environment and connection with others. It builds on our self-awareness and we become more focused. By using this technique in our centre we are building on children’s memory, attention, social skills, resilience and their overall well being,


More Gratitude & Kindness would make the world an even better place. During each and every day at Platinum, kindness is embedded into the culture so our children are taught to measure a person by the size of their heart. They are taught that the little things in life matter, to be grateful for the wonderful life we have, to replace bad habits by choice and to build each other up. If we can teach our children, and ourselves, to put our kindness jackets on in the morning before we leave home the world will be a nicer place.

The fifth, and some would say, the most important of the Five Pillars of Health is Connection. To create and be part of a community and culture requires meaningful, sincere and authentic connections. Connections that hold a common set of beliefs, values and trust. We attain this through initiating, developing and nurturing relationships with each other. Trust is an important part in making and maintaining connections with others. Creating a sense of trust involves us surrounding ourselves with people who believe what we believe. We demonstrate this pillar with strength and consistency amongst our staff, our children, families and community.


As we embark on this, our new program of How to be the Best Me, we vow to incorporate these pillars in the daily life at our centre. We lead by example and teach our children, our staff and ourselves to believe that when they walk into a room that they are special and they mean something very special to this world.

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