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At Platinum Pre School we have created a foundation for learning based on the recognition that each child is unique and as such should be provided with the opportunity to explore and further develop their sense of self in regards to their family, their community and essentially their world. 

We recognise that a happy child is, more often than not, a confident child and aim to create a sense of wellbeing and joy within their days at Platinum. We achieve this primary goal through many means by creating a safe and welcoming environment that engages children’s interests. Here, we are all about authentic, enriched play-based learning where children are free to discover their inner spirits and to embrace their desire, as children, to express themselves in this way.

Our book corner/area is displayed in an accessible and creative way with a variety of books that are relevant to the children’s diversity and changing interests; our home corner is set up in the middle of a large space to be easily accessible throughout the day and provides a great imaginative link between home and care; posters and photos that represent our families and greater community are placed all around the room to provide a great visual link and talking point throughout the day; activities, puzzles and games are available for the children to access as they please based on their interests throughout the day.

Our unique daily rotating routine provides continual opportunities for the children to move throughout their spaces and navigate their paths. Group times provide fantastic opportunities for the children to grow in confidence in communicating in front of larger and smaller groups, and to feel heard and valued. The children are encouraged to share news, bring in photos/objects from home and share their lives with their group. Rotating groups also allows a strong connection between the educators and the children.

Throughout the day we have an emphasis on talking about our feelings and we provide a caring, safe environment where children speak openly and feel valued. Educators recognise that intentional teaching is an experience that occurs throughout the day as the interests of children are recognised and extended on. Empowering children to make their own decisions within their day, creating an environment that encourages children to work collaboratively and build connections and friendships with not only their peers but educators alike.

Along with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) we provide inspiring, continuous opportunities for the children to have access to enriching play where they extend on their interests and their autonomy is valued and encouraged.

We then effectively work within the Early Years Learning Framework, its principles and practices, the National Quality Standards and the procurement of assessments/observations, evaluations and follow up to create the basis of our program and daily activities.  Our areas are setup to encourage independent navigation and access by all, fostering a sense of empowerment and care for our environment both indoors and outdoors.

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