‘Every day is another chance to get stronger, to eat better, to live healthier, and to be the best version of you.’

~ Anon ~

Living in this fast-paced, time-poor, digital age has caused a lot of inactivity and health problems for our current generation of children. Statistics have shown that, relative to inactive kids, active kids have better concentration, are more confident and have stronger muscles and bones.

At RyFit, we feel that the way to get our kids active is to try and make physical activity and training as enjoyable and social as possible.  Our afternoon sessions throughout the term and sports camps in the holidays, allow your children to mingle with like-minded kids and participate in various sports games and activity. We will provide your children with an introduction into different functional training methods, using a variety of new and innovative equipment. This will all be done with the focus of improving the 3 important pillars - strength, fitness and speed.

The enjoyable and positive vibe of our sessions and camps, will benefit your child’s social, mental and physical health.  Your children will gain confidence, develop new training methods, and a feel a genuine sense of positivity towards exercise and physical activity.

Let’s get active!

Ry Kato


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