As parents we all worry about what our children are eating. Are they eating enough? It is the correct balance of food groups? Are they eating too much sugar? Or do they only want to eat one particular dish over and over again – pasta and Vegemite anyone?!


So, when should you worry?

  • If you have concerns that your child is underweight and doesn’t appear to be growing consult a health professional.

  • Alternatively, a plumper child may not be eating correctly and lacking certain nutrients essential for growth and development.

  • Watch for signs that your child is eating the way they should be – if you are noticing anything that alarms you, seek some advice


Here is a link to The Healthy Little B, the website of Kim Holmes, nutritionist, who specialises in nutrition and wellness for families:

Or contact Kim using the details below -

Kim Holmes

The Healthy Little B


M: 0412295640