Diverse Learning Environments

Each Learning Area has an educator dedicated in preparing activities and experiences that promote the learning autonomy and development of all children. Each educator balances play based learning, intentional teaching and an emergent curriculum with a focus of recognising a child’s agency along with community celebrations. 

Our programming cycle is based on the EYLF  (Early Years Learning Framework) which is child-led and spontaneous. We celebrate the different interests and ideas of the children and incorporate these within our program. Educators plan a variety of activities that are age appropriate and develop each child’s fine and gross motor skills; cognitive, social and emotional development.


Educators access sensory play and experiences, songs, dance and movement, puzzles, stories, creative arts and dramatic role play all to incorporate and embed these avenues of exploration within the program.

Platinum Preschool is a registered long day care. Along with our strong sense of love and care for children, we also have a strong sense of school transition. It is our duty of care to ensure our children transition in all areas of development from an early learning setting to primary school. We work with the ELYF (Early Years Learning Framework) which covers the 6 learning areas for children. Within those areas, we make learning fun and exciting so they create a natural passion for lifelong learning.

Happy children having fun dancing indoors in a sunny room at day care or entertainment cen

Move & Groove

Many of these activities allow the children to challenge and express their uniqueness through role play, imagination, creativity and movement. The children use varieties of strategies and resources by using props such as costumes, instruments and much more to unlock their creative side.

What a way to express our bodies and learn the impact we have in focusing on the areas of dance & drama.

Healthy Bodies

Head to Toe, our children are challenged to explore their bodies.  Here we aim to provide the children with the skills and understanding needed to develop a healthy body and healthy mind. The educator focuses on the importance of fun through being, playing sports, practicing yoga and guided exercise and stretching while following the interests of children. We build on the foundation for learning significant skills such as teamwork, co-operation, confidence, performance, social interaction and strong focus on gross motor skills.  Children of all ages, abilities and levels will always be encouraged to participate and here is where we celebrate the achievements of each child who uses their abilities to strive by using their gross motor skills.

Eating Watermelon
Art Fun

Art & Craft

This is where we strive to unlock the creative mind of each child through such activities where they build on their cognitive and creative development. Here is where we focus on developing a child’s fine motor skills through creative and tactile activities and giving them an opportunity to unlock their personal creativity.

The art of a child's imagination and creativity will allow them to enter a world where passion and skills develop, and activate the beauty of each individuals creative nature.

Our World

What a wonderful thing to explore and be left with the legacy of nuturing.  In this KLA, the children will explore all things both living and nonliving within our built and natural environments. Children will learn about how things work, how they were created and how human activity impacts our planet. Children will also explore different countries around the globe.  They will explore languages, cultures, landmarks, beliefs and celebrations. They will be guided into the beauty of inclusion and belonging to a place and time so much greater than their small community. 

School student tour is a good experience.jpg

Problem Solving

Where there's a will there's a way.  We really create a space where the children participate and engage in problem solving activities that foster creative and critical thinking.  These avenues of thinking will be around numeracy and mathematical concepts. The children will explore how to use their brains in such a way that will allow them to explore many activities to get to the same result.  The skill of problem solving will follow them throughout the day and their life.


What a treasured area to explore and focus on.  Within this KLA our the children are introduced to early literacy concepts. Our educators interlaces intentional teaching to promote engagement in letter recognition, phonics, reciprocal language and a love of reading. Whilst as always, our children will lead our learning activities, we nurture this.  We also allow the children to explore different ways of communication with not just using verbal language. We explore communication by using our bodies, expressions and AUSLAN. 

Blonde Boy Reading
Child Playing

Yellow Group

Ahh our littlest ones who bestow on us such innocence and happiness. The Yellow Group is our youngest group of children aged 2-3 years. Yellow Group is made up of 3 core educators and up to 15 children. Within the daily routines and activities of the Yellow Group, we ensure each child feels safe, secure and comfortable in their surroundings. We build strong, trusting relationships with the children and their families. We have a strong focus on play, routine and building on their independence skills.  We work closely with their families when dealing with sleep and eating routines.