Our SDG's

Here at Platinum, we have dedicated our part to play in the recognition of the SDGs not only for business but for educating our children on them whilst in our care.

We creatively focus on 'people.....planet...and prosperity throughout our educational programs, daily life within the centre and through our values program. 

There are many ways in which we can honour Human Rights and why not start when we are young. We are in the best position ever, the best time to formulate a positive, intrinsic, and active role in achieving these goals. 

What are the SDGs....here is a great explanation


There are many resources out there for the SDGs and we encourage you explore and read up about what part you can play in educating our children on how to look after our world.


In a child's voice, listen to them here

We focus on a SDG each fortnight. We speak to the children about these and represent them through literature and song. We feel it is our duty of care to incorporate these goals and embed them within our curriculum. 

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