“The best part of learning is sharing what you know,”

~ Vaughan K. Lauer ~

With a ‘never stop, never quit’ attitude, we are confident in presenting to you a highly educated and trained staff, whose attitude to success comes from not only continual learning and developing but through their desire to be good, wise, generous and loving human beings.


Our values, and that of our staff, are aligned with actions that help us build a pathway to our best selves. Our team know that as a priority, they must maintain this level of learning in order to guarantee continued success. They are mentored in developing and using empathy and sympathy towards our children, families, community and each other.


Furthermore, we trust in each other and through this trust comes collaboration and further learning. Our staff undertake educational courses both off campus and online, complete research, share information and hold regular meetings. And of course, we never underestimate the importance of time spent having face to face conversations.

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