‘The aim of education is the knowledge, not of facts, but of values.’

~ Anon ~

We have a Values education program that we embed into the daily practice, teachings and running of our centre. These Values are taken from the 9 Values of Australian Schooling and combined with the Gospel Values and the Values that we as a community feel are necessary for our children to be surrounded by, shown and in turn demonstrate to each other.

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  • Purpose - Everything we do here has a purpose – e.g. group time, value awards etc.

  • Soft Skills – building and strengthening these in the early years – faith, hope, purpose and learning to be responsible for their actions.

  • Gratitude - how to feel, show and express thankfulness to ourselves, family, friends and others.

  • Recognising that attitude is a choice.

  • Communication and Conversation – important social skill – excellent example of school readiness. Take the time and energy to connect, stand and walk around.

  • Dignity – treating everyone with love and respect, the human desire for connection is strong, we need to be in a community that we love and where we feel loved and valued.

  • Passion – working hard for something we love.

  • Optimism – developing skills to focus on the positives.

  • Values Program and how it can assist in aligning them with our emotions, Showing people you care and being closely linked with our emotions. We own our emotions and our values system builds a pathway for us to be our best selves by using our emotions. Recognising that we are allowed to feel emotional truth and learning how to manage this. Instead of 'I am sad', use words such as I am feeling sad as it is recognising the emotion not who we are. We  then learn the emotions that we are feeling will lead to our values.

  • Having fun what you are doing.

  • Children have the right to feel safe at all times as do the parents knowing they are leaving your children in our care. Children have the right to an inspiring and energetic environment and we want them to wake up and be inspired to come to Platinum.

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