Teaching a child to be kind is a gift to everyone who crosses their path, over an entire lifetime,’

~ Jo O’Brien ~

We are excellent at what we do - educating from the heart. Our authenticity and integrity are embedded throughout our centre, our programs and daily interactions so that Platinum provides a high-quality education and child care service, exceeding the needs of families in the community.


But why do we do what we do?


It is our vocation to work alongside children who are responsible for our future. We take pride in leading by our values, and in the belief in our relationships and partnerships. We recognise the importance of them. We set ourselves high expectations and consistently meet them.


Our educators believe in all children’s capacities to succeed regardless of diverse circumstances and we teach all our children that they, and their families, are equal in value. Respect and diversity are celebrated with cultures, traditions and languages honoured; and, to better ourselves, we embrace ongoing learning and developing.

We Believe

  • In Kindness

  • In maintaining a caring atmosphere

  • In meeting the needs of each child and their family in all areas of their development

  • In engaging the children, their families and the wider community for the good of the child and their family

  • In having a valued team of professionals creating a stimulating environment

  • In consistently delivering the programs of educational excellence

  • In celebrating the holistic development, health and well-being of each child through the five pillars of health

  • In developing in everyone a ‘sense of purpose’

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