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Children are our most precious resource and it’s our job to mould them into the best people they can possibly be. That’s why we’re called Platinum Pre School.

Meet the mum behind Platinum Pre School

“I wanted a Pre School that taught my children the value of kindness. But I couldn’t find one, so I founded my own.” Jo O’Brien, Founder of Platinum Pre School

Say hi to Jo O’Brien. Founder of Platinum Pre School and plati-mum to four gorgeous kids.

Just like any other parent, Jo wanted a Pre School that could teach her children the basic lessons and necessary skills to ensure a smooth transition into Primary School.

However, she also wanted one that would teach them valuable life lessons such as the importance of kindness, empathy, integrity and respect.

She started looking around, yet was unable to find one that balanced education, life skills and a values system to the standard she expected.

So, Jo being Jo, she set one up herself!

Welcome to Platinum Pre School. Where children, irrespective of diverse circumstances or personal limitations, learn the value not just of a good education, but of being a good person.

Our Programs

What we offer your children:

Move & Groove

Talk about improv! We use role play, imagination, creativity, movement and an assortment of costumes, instruments and toys to encourage your child’s uniqueness.

Healthy bodies

We use sports, yoga, exercise, daily meditation, breathwork and stretches to teach children life skills such as teamwork, confidence, motor skills and social interaction.

Art & Craft

Creative and tactile activities help unlock a child’s fine motor skills and cognitive development. We use paintings, masks, puppets, musical instruments and more to unlock their inner creativity.

Our World

We open your children up to a world of possibilities, quite literally, teaching them about different countries, languages and cultures, and the importance of inclusion.

Problem solving

We make sure children are given mental and physical activities such as puzzles, construction toys, activity books and storytime to foster creative and critical thinking.


Children are taught the basics of letter recognition, phonics, reciprocal language and reading as well as non-verbal communication skills.

Yellow Group

Our youngest students, aged 2-3. Every child is made to feel safe and comfortable through daily play routines and independence building activities.

About Platinum
Pre School

Why Platinum Pre School is one of a ‘kind.’

Platinum Pre School is a long day care and Pre School offering high quality care and education to families within the community.

Platinum was founded by Jo O’Brien to create an environment where the focus is not just on a child’s education, but on the holistic aspects of learning, including physical, cognitive, emotional, social, creative, language and spiritual being.

Obviously, as a school, learning is at the front and centre of everything we do, and we have some of the very best educators to ensure your child learns everything they need to know.

But for us, it’s about more than just academic learning. It’s about teaching values and helping children to be the best person they can be. Building them up for success and understanding the need for inclusivity, tolerance, compassion and empathy.

That’s why we teach children Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to help them understand the need of helping not just each other and the peoples of the world, but the world itself.

A bit more on
our values

Here at Platinum Pre School, we live by two simple words ‘BE KIND

These words are the umbrella over everything we do.

Under the guidance of our Kindness Mission we inform and guide every action and interaction. In fact, they form the cornerstone of our whole teaching philosophy.

At Platinum we embed our Values Program and educate our children with the values (and value) of kindness, empathy and integrity. This is an integral part of their life lessons, and lays the foundation for how they interact – not just with us and with each other, but with their community and the world at large.

Over the course of their lives, your children will receive many lessons. But, none will be as important as the principles they learn right here at the start of their journey at Platinum Pre School.

To put it in the words of our founder, ‘teaching a child to be kind is a gift to everyone who crosses their path, over an entire lifetime.