Jo’Brien is a mum to four lovely children and has over 20 years’ experience in education.This includes a Bachelor of Teaching in Primary Education, a Diploma in Children’s Services and numerous courses that have expanded her knowledge in education, child development and business.

After watching her children grow up, she saw the need for a different type of early educational experience and opened Platinum.

Jo lives by the philosophy that it takes a village to raise a child. She is a tireless supporter of the local community, businesses and charities and a staunch advocate for education, inclusion and acceptance.

Jo’s work within the community.

There isn’t room here to list all the many charities and organisations that Jo (and Platinum) helps on an ongoing basis. But here are just a few that are particularly close to our heart.

Project kindness​

Connecting people in need with donated goods and services.

Autism mates​

Promoting inclusivity and acceptance for those with autism.

Little care packs​

Kids giving back by supporting people experiencing homelessness around Sydney.

Coogee Lions​

Raising money for those in need in the local community.

Keith’s closet​

Providing clients in our mental health service with free clothing donated by the community.

Bambuddha group​

A community for leaders working hard and working kind.​


A Facebook group set up by Jo to acknowledge the great work done by the brothers and sisters of children with disabilities.

A simple recognition and a place where awareness is built on celebrating and recognising our Everyday Heroes.


Jo’s downtime.
(Yeah right)

Jo doesn’t get much spare time. But when she does, she spends it with her four beautiful kids, or practising Jiu Jitsu in her very own dojo. (She’s a blue belt, so make sure you are never anything but kind!)

In addition to her invaluable and highly skilled team of 21 at Platinum Pre School, Jo also has her ‘marvel’ team that helps her in all her many enterprises. These include a Lawyer, Accountant, Bookkeeper, Business Coaches, Early Childhood Consultant and a Therapist.

All of the above are integral to her own personal growth not only as an educator, but also as a business owner and mentor to others.

Get in touch with Jo.
If you want to find out more about enrolling your child at Platinum, or you’re interested in Jo’s community projects, then email her at: